Thursday HAED SAL

Today was the thursday HAED SAL for Our Friends Haed blog (link at right). Here is my progress-


More frogging and some stitching

It’s really taking me a bit to get used to stitching over 2. It’s the counting that is messing me up. I had to frog more today-Sigh, but I caught the mistake fairly quickly so I didn’t have to frog too much. I’m not sure there is enough done to post a WIP yet, though soon, I promise.

Tomorrow is the SAL for a group I am in, I will get out Mistress- I’ve been neglecting her, and it is a HAED SAL.

Started today

Finally started JG today. Took me awhile to get the fabby organized, decide how I am going to stitch it, and get out the threads I need to stitch the center. I usually stitch over 1, so this is new for me, and is taking a bit of getting used to- I’ve already been visited by the frog, but it is going well. I don’t have too many stitches in yet, so you’ll have to wait a bit for a first pic.

Japanese Garden Floss Toss

Here is my floss toss for my first Chatelaine- Japanese Garden. Although I am still missing a few colors, due to a backorder, I am not waiting until they come in to begin. I hope to start tonight or tomorrow. Also missing from the floss toss is all the beads. Since I am using a Q-snap as a frame, I won’t be beading until the very end, I have for now put off buying the beads.

I am not using NPI silk, due to it’s price. Instead I used Vikki Clayton Silks (see HDF link on the right). The rest of the colors I kept the same. The Fabby is Silkweavers 28 ct. cashel linen Mississippi Blue.


Well I had a bit of a hiatus from stitching. I haven’t stitched since the last entry here. That’s okay, it’s good to have a small break every so often, but I am really itching to get back into it.

Both Mistress and Robin Blue are calling to me…….. So it’s anyone’s guess which I will work on next.

The last of my japanese garden chatelaine threads are coming in the next week or so. When I get them I will do a floss toss.

Weekend SAL

I have only managed 500 Stitches in Mistress this weekend, I wanted to do much more, but least I got 500 in. I am hoping to get a chance to stitch tomorrow.

No more meds

went to the female doctor for a preconception visit. She was very nice, told her of the PTSD, and anxiety. Unfortuantly none of my meds are okay. Ambien a baby can be born addicted to, and Celexa may cause issues, I’d rather be safe than sorry. So I am weaning off that starting tomorrow. The only thing I can take other than benadryl and Tylenol is welbutrin, although that is mostly for depression and doesn’t help much with anxiety, but I will try it. So I am stuck with just not having anything. I am quite scared about this, but I will do it (n- says that is the definition of being brave).I sure don’t feel brave.

Stitching is one thing that does help anxiety, so I may be stitching more for awhile!