Japanese Chatelaine

I finally picked and ordered a fabby for my first Chatelaine-Link to her site to the right. You’ll have to wait until I do the floss toss to see what it is. It’s a silkweaver fabby, that is all I am willing to say! Few more weeks of collecting threads and i’ll be starting! I plan to wait a bit to purchase the beads, as I won’t be putting them on until last, or I won’t be able to stitch it all using qsnaps.


1st Pic- Robiin Blue Mermaid

I have been working on Robin Blue Mermaid for 4 or so days now. Here is the first WIP. She is stitched 1 over 1 on 28 ct, hand-dyed bluebell Jobelyn

This week I will be working on Mistress again.

Latest Stash

A few weeks back, I bought somethings online. The last of that stuff came in finally. Here they are- 2 charts and some floss for a project. The Bothy Threads chart was half off! Yay to sales.

This weeks dye works floss I got for a project from 3 issues of cross-stitcher-

That isn’t a color scan, so you’ll have to wait for that unless you have those issues of Cross-stitcher Magazine. One is red, one blue, the other green.

Another Page Complete!

Guess what WIP I just finished another page of? That’s right Mistress. Here she is-

This makes 3 pages of 16 complete. I am a bit concerned about the coloring on the skin of the top shoulder, looks a bit strange to me, but I am hoping that once I get more of her done, it will look more natural.


When I went to Michaels this weekend to use a coupon, they had sale on kits, I couldn’t resist!

My Vikki Clayton silks came in the mail end of last week. I can’t wait to start the Chatelaine they will be for!

Couldn’t resist a sale at an ONS last week- Lovely charts don’t you think? I especially love the Angel Virtue series. I plan to collect and stitch them all.

Stitching case done

DH got the stitching case all done. Here it is full of stuff-

Bobbinating Done!

Yesterday I finished bobbinating all the DMC. I have yet to put everything in the new stitching container, but hope to do that tomorrow.

Today is the weekly SAL for Our HAED friends, I’ve done about 200 so far, confetti stitches we all know how time consuming that is! I’d like to finish the current page today but that will likely not happen, so instead my goal is by Sunday. That will be my monthly goal met for Mistress so….

I then plan to pull our Robin Blue Mermaid and stitch for a bit, it is nearly spring and I so want something springy.

I got something I won from ebay in the mail today, YAY I love stitching stuff in the mail- 5 Kreinik #8 braids!


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