She has a face-most of it

She has a face! I am so very pleased. It really turned out well. Next is the top of her shoulders and more hair, then I will move over and finish her face. I’m really having a blast stitching her, even though I do get frustrated with the drab colors, and confetti.

Here is a picture of what she will look like when she is all complete-

You can check out more of Jessica Galbreth’s Artwork by clicking HERE.


Frogging- Sigh

I noticed last night a big issue with a color in her hair. You can’t really tell in the previous WIP I shared. Turns out that I used the wrong color, so… a frogging I went. It took most of last evening to fix, but now that it is done, it looks much better.

I should have the face finished later today.

Watching the face come alive

I am having a great time watching Mistress’ face come alive. I can’t seem to put it down, not that there is anything wrong with that.

On another note- I am itching to make a new start, though I am trying to hold off.

My stitching history

I started stitching when I was around 10. I had this kit that was a plastic octagon jewelry box, it has this ugly picture of a sail boat on it. I stitched it for Nana. She still has that ugly thing, still displayed proudly.

I have stitched on and off since then. I put it down a few years back after growing bored with the patterns I found. Then I discovered HAED.

Most of the things I’ve stitched I’ve given away. I have one around here somewhere, when I locate it, I will post a picture. It is a kit of a house and scenery in front of the house.